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Jupiter Web Soft specializes in custom web site design, website development, search engine optimization and Website Marketing. We have widespread Custom Web Site Design expertise and till date have designed many custom web sites with extensive effectiveness. Our custom web site designers are work closely with clients to deliver the best web page service and quality websites. Our Professional custom website design's will make believable to buyer, sell more products and also increase your online profits. We provide secure, flexible and cost-effective e-commerce applications and utilize an appropriate strategy to turn your vision into reality. Our dictum is "If you can dream it - we can build it" and we do so.

Jupiter Web Soft custom website design methodology ensures every project begins with a well-defined plan, and the final results are consistent, reliable and also fulfill the vision, needs, and desires of clients business. Our goal is to work with client from concept to final product to create the website client want. Before we begin the process of designing website the script, outline, design elements and the layout will be submitted to client for review and approval. Based on client feedback, we will make the necessary layout changes to the design and the artwork. Our Custom website application design process consists of some distinctive steps:

We design the layout of the website according to the requirement of the websites. The design of an attractive website layout is the most important part of any web design project. We design the attractive page layout depending upon the following thing:

  • Keep the layout simple but unique
  • Original, 100% custom-made design and high-quality graphics
  • Readable font size and face (Using CSS)
  • Ensure your site is easy to navigate, quick to load and user friendly
  • Use web safe eye soothing color
  • Keep track of dimensions of a web page
  • Limit file size